Chain Rule MCQ Questions and answers-

1.8 men can paint a house in 12 days. However, 12 women can paint the same house in 16 days. 16 men started painting the house. After 3 days of painting, 10 men were replaced by 4 women. Now how many days will they take to complete the remaining painting?
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ANSWER: 6 days

2. Hiralal wants to build a tank. He employed 7 workers to do the work. It was expected to get completed in 12 days. 5 days after starting the work, 2 workers were fired by him. Remaining workers will take how much time to complete the work?
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ANSWER: 49/5 days

3.James hired some workers to build his house in 20 days. But on the day of starting of the construction, 12 men did not come. Rest of the people then built the entire house in 32 days. How many workers had he initially hired?

4. 20 girls can paint a house in 15 days. But the same house can be painted in just 10 days by 15 boys. If 10 boys and 10 girls are asked to work together, then in how many days will they complete the painting starting from scratch?
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ANSWER: 10 days

5.54 toymakers can prepare 36 toys per day. Ajay wants 416 toys. How many toymakers should he employ to get the job done in 16 days?
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6. If a tank can be build by 18 men in 28 days while working for 9 hours per day, how many hours per day do 21 men have to work for 36 days, to complete the same tank?
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7. Rohan wants to build a tank in 20 days for which he hires 60 workers. After 10 days, he sees that only 30% work has been done. To speed up the process and get the tank built in stipulated time, how many workers should work on the tank?
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