Percentage MCQ Questions and answers-

1.10 litres of water is added to 50 litres of a solution containing 20% of alcohol in water . What is the strength of alcohol in the solution now ?

2. What quantity of water should be added to reduce 5 litres of 45% acidic liquid to 25% acidic liquid?

3.A, B, and C contest an election from a particular constituency. A and B together got 50% more votes than C. The vote share of A and C together is 30 percentage points more than the vote share of B. Who won the election?

4.A sum of Rs. 395 was divided among A, B, and C in such a way that B gets 25% more than A and 20% more than C. What is the share of A?

5.There are three positive intigers such that 70% of the first number , 58 1/3% of second number and 38 8/9% of the third number are all equal. Which of the following can those three numbers be?
Veiw Answer
All the three

6. Three times a number is 20% more than twice another number when increased by 105. If twice the first number increased by 36 is 20% less than three times of the second number, then what is the first number?

7.What percent is 2 minutes 24 seconds of an hour?